The SaminPardaz Hospitality TV solution represents a fast, reliable and innovative system that provides entertainment, communication and information TV services in one, easy to use package. The SaminPardaz IPTV system supports an extensive selection of TV apps that enable a range of interactive IPTV services that are necessary to increase the satisfaction of guests, enhance profits and reduce operational expenses.


SaminPardaz Has been working in the field of Industrial Automation, Industrial Networks and Instrumentation since 1995 known as “Sepahan Tabloue”. Since 2009 the company has been working on CNC machine tools more specifically under the name “SaminPardaz”. Since 2014 the company has entered the Hospitality IT  market and R&D department of the company released a customized & localized IPTV solution to the Hospitality industry of the country.


Live TV Server

Video & Audio on Demand Server

Value Added Services


Smart TV Solution


Telephones :

Tehran Office : +98 (021) 88 42 67 87

Isfahan Office : +98 (031) 36 25 11 50

Fax : +98 (031) 3625 67218